10 reasons to embrace Autumn

So who of you is still mourning our lack of summer this year? I was pretty annoyed I admit, and in the end we had to bugger off to France just for some guaranteed sunshine.

But now September is here and I have resigned all hope for an ‘Indian summer’, I realised Autumn actually is not all that bad.

So I have compiled a list of 10 Reasons why we should happily wave goodbye to summer and embrace Autumn:

  1. No more shaving.

Put down that razor. We no longer have to shave our legs, ladies! (Or lets be honest, that bit in between your ankles and the tops of your 3/4 leggings.)

2. Comfy clothes that hide a multitude of sins

Hide all those mum lumps under big fluffy coats and big, sexy boots. Anybody else have a thing for knitwear?

3.  Hot, greasy food

Say goodbye to salads for every meal and hello to hot food. Perfect excuse for a greasy burger.

4. Pubs

Perfect excuse to frequent those lovely pubs for some good old pub grub next to a warm fire and a nice glass of wine.

5. Predictably crap weather

You don’t need to bother being gutted with the weather as it’s always raining anyway. Which leads on to….

6. Guilt free tablet time

You don’t need to feel bad about this anymore. Binge watching TV with some minstrels is essential. It’s too flipping cold anyway.

7. Starbucks

Nothing feels nicer than a good old catchup with a friend with starbuck’s wintery hot chocolates and coffees. Might even have a cheeky cake too.

8.  Conkers.

(OK, these might be considered a downside too.) Bloody hundreds of them in your house with kids who somehow KNOW when you are about to sneakily throw them away. Like LITERAL squirrels. But they do provide a great distraction on the walk home from school.

9. Holidays

Halloween, bonfire night and christmas…need I say more?

10. Beauty in your surroundings.

Those Autumn, crisp mornings and that fresh air. Ah, Autumn. I love you….







53 thoughts on “10 reasons to embrace Autumn

  1. Expedition Motherhood

    I love fall too! My favorite thing is getting out my fuzzy boots and crocheted wraps I made. I also really love hot apple cider and watching my dogs roll around in the fallen leaves. BTW, what are conkers?

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