A Homemade Christmas

I have always been a bit of a creative person, despite being appallingly crap at art in school. I love to scour poundland and thrift stores to get tat and try to recreate pinterest ideas (that generally fail spectacularly.) That, combined with my stinginess, means that as a result our house is filled with attempted ‘projects’.

So when it comes to Christmas time, I obviously proceed with my ‘shabby, homemade tat’ theme. This means our christmas decoration boxes in our loft are filled to the brim with bits of hessian, and projects that need re-glueing as they have all fallen apart on storage.

But I admit, I do love it.

Homemade ornaments manage to capture our memories, personality and passions, and really makes a house feel like a home. I love the fact that we have a our creativity on show for friends and family to see, and will be using them for years to come. They are unique to us, and cannot be found elsewhere in primark or TK Maxx. They are my crappy ornaments, and no-one else will (thankfully) be able to say they have anything else quite like it! I can honestly say, I put the ‘shabby’ in ‘shabby chic.’

I present to you, my pinterest- inspired, creations…




I have made each of our children a bauble with  their name bracelet from their birth inside -these clear baubles were from poundland and open easily, so you can individualise them however you want.

We have also made our own advent calendar -my husband made the wooden tree with scrap wood and I simply bought the tie string bags off ebay and iron-on transfers for the numbers. This means we can fill each bag with whatever we want -we tend to use wrapped sweets, activity ideas and little toys for the special dates in December. The kids have already been ‘feeling around’ the lower, easier to reach bags today. Cheeky monkeys.


If you follow our blog, you will also know we love to travel as a family, and so I have made some more tree ornaments this year which detail the countries we have been to. I intend to keep adding to these as time goes by.


So does anyone else make their own festive decor? I would love to hear what those crafty hands have got up to!!

28 thoughts on “A Homemade Christmas

  1. Oh, you don’t give yourself enough credit, these are wonderful! I absolutely love the advent calendar, and especially the Christmas tree ornament with the map; we travel a lot with our kids too, and this is a great idea for an ornament!

  2. Ow wow! A kindred spirit 😀 You are really creative. Love the travel inspired baubles. I also love making my own, about half our tree decorations are homemade. They are the best, they have so much more meaning x

  3. katykicker

    You’ve got some lovely decorations here and I bet you’ve saved a fortune. Also, no-one else will have the same decorations as you!

  4. laurasidestreet

    I love getting creative this time of the year and I too love Pinterest for a greta source of ideas. Love the homemade advent

    Laura x

  5. redrebelmediagroup

    The advent calendar is so precious! And those adorable name ornaments! I hope you don’t mind if I steal a few ideas from you.

  6. Ericka

    Ahhhh ok you are so creative when it comes to decorating your home with hand made items. Im sometimes lost. But I love the ideas you shared.

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