Snow, you are a jerk


Ah, snow.

From the moment the kids open their curtains, with an exclamation of delight,

To the quick scramble out the door with no moans in sight.


The crunch of little wellies in the freshly fallen flakes,

You are every kids dream, even more than chocolate cake.


The kids have used their sledges,

Subsequently landing in various snow-covered hedges.


We have ticked off the obligatory instagrammed snowman,

And drank warm hot chocolate made in a pan.


But now the novelty is starting to wear thin,

And I may have taken to the gin.

Of course now there is no bloody school, yet I still have to go to work,

Snow, you really are a jerk!

The endless tantrums from freezing cold little hands, noses and feet,

Make all these lovely ‘snow days’  feel bittersweet.

Constantly clearing up the little puddles left by wellies with a mop,



Yeah, you need to go now. Because I need to do a big shop 🙂




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